LED thermistor Low Fuel Warning Light Module (for Digital Dash such as KOSO) -610-

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  • Low Fuel Warning Light Module for thermistor sender
  • Connects Sender to Digital Dash and / or standalone LED

More information about fuel gauges here

Download Installation Instructions pdf (180k Kb)

This Low Fuel Warning Light Module is our own design.

It connects a 1K Ohm thermistor low fuel sensor (such as on a R6 Yamaha) to an integrated dash (such as KOSO RX2Nwill flash stand-alone LED

will flash LED built into gauges such as RX2N
will flash low fuel warning symbol on dashes with 500 or 510 Ohm fuel gauge range (such as RX2N)

Three inputs

  1. sender
  2. 12V
  3. GND

Three Outputs

  1. To LED (grounds LED so will work with dash built in LEDs)
  2. To Fuel Gauge Input
  3. regulated 5V for standalone LED

The very small size means it is easy to fit
Full instructions included

every unit hand built, and tested by us!

This is what you need to make a thermistor sender (Low Fuel Only) work with gauges that expect a proper fuel gauge input
It also flashes a warning LED, either a stand-alone LED or one built into a dash that needs grounding to light

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