Tachometer signal voltage booster -894-

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An external module to condition the ignition signal from an ECU ( square wave) to drive a Voltage driven tachometer designed to connect to a coil negative terminal

Installation guide.pdf (77 Kb)


( NOTE - THIS IS A NEW PRODUCT AND IS STILL BEING TESTED FOR SOME APPLICATIONS, so far tested with Smiths/Jaeger, Datsun, Ford and and VDO Tachometers.)

External Module boosts low voltage ECU square wave to drive voltage driven tachometers

This module generates a signal compatible with RVC and other Voltage Driven Tachometers from the signal generated by an ECU or similar. The circuit board is submerged in conformal coating for at least 5 seconds, dried and then heatshrink is applied over the whole to make it resistant to the damp conditions experienced on vehicles.

Four conections



Signal in

Signal out

The module is suitable for and tested on a negative earth system only

The standard product is supplied with flyleads,

Red  +12V

Black Ground

White to signal source

White/Black to tachometer

We can also supply the module bare for plug into card edge connectors



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